Zoofs – Videos People Tweet About

Posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010 by

zoofs Zoofs – Twitter is a place where people like to bla bla about whatever is on their mind, comment about a news story or tweet about something that induced some kind of response. Following the same line of reason, a common activity on Twitter these days is tweeting about YouTube videos that made your day or that somehow had an impact on you. Zoofs has recognized this trend and simply delivers such tweets to you in one easy to use page.

Zoofs “orbits around the Twitter sphere, eating through piles of tweets everyday, in search for the most tweeted YouTube videos, and applies a weighing recipe to rank them based on their popularity.” I enjoyed Zoofs a lot and discovered a bunch of entertaining videos on the site. Thank you, Zoofs, for this wonderful service! I would also like to use this blog venue to thank all the Twitter and YouTube users for sharing and for making it happen. Below are my favorites. Enjoy!

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