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Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2009 by

Zedge – With your permission I will begin with a personal story: for me, the big cellular hype started about 14 years ago, when my friends and I were debating amongst ourselves whether owning a personal mobile phone was indeed that necessary. Half of my friends resented the fact that, once owning a cellular phone, their increased availability will mean less control over who can contact them and when. They saw it more as a nuisance than as an efficient life enhancer. The other half of the group believed that cellular phones are simply viable in the modern age. I must admit that initially, I saw myself as part of the former and wasn’t too keen on being available everywhere I went. Needless to say, both I and all of my friends without exception own a mobile phone today. Can you imagine yourself without one? The cellular technology has made huge leaps over the years and today those small devices we push into our pockets and purses are way more than mere talking devices, they are our everything :-). In any case, since most chances are that you have a mobile phone yourself and you’d appreciate increasing its uniqueness and spiciness then Zedge is the ultimate place for all FREE cellular stuff. From themes to ringtones and on to wallpapers, Zedge has everything you (and your device) need. The best part of the site in my opinion is the tools one which gives you the ability to create your own stuff. What impressed me the most was the text to speech ringtones creator. How does it work? Enter a text, choose a voice and there you go, you have just created a ringtone that reflects exactly how you feel. Give it a try, it’s very intuitive. Below I have provided some info on the evolution of cellular devices. How far will it go in the future?

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