YouTube CountDown – The Best of 2009

Posted on Monday, December 21st, 2009 by

youtubenewyears YouTube CountDown – If someone were to ask me, “If you could have access to just one website of your choice, which one would it be?”, I’d have to say it would be -not only because I am one of its Co-Founders- but because it truly is the website of websites. If AllMyFaves didn’t exist my answer would be, without a doubt, YouTube. Speaking of the Google-owned video website, I admire their Newyears CountDown page. It’s a list of the year’s most memorable videos. Between December 1st and 31st, YouTube adds a new memorable video on a daily basis to determine 2009’s absolutely best videos. It sure does deserve a daily visit.

Even though I do appreciate the videos they chose, I disagree with one of their picks (you should know YouTube doesn’t disclose of the manner by which videos are selected). For the best stop-motion video, YouTube picked Eye Popping Post Its, which is great – no disagreements there. However, I do think Her Morning Elegance is much better, and it’s not on the list. I discovered an interesting fact about this: while the Post-It stop-motion video received a little over 3,000,000 views, Her Morning Elegance received three times more exposure, with over 9,000,000 views.

This doesn’t make sense – how come the latter isn’t listed? For the record, there are still ten more videos that will be added to the list by the end of the month, so maybe I am just jumping to conclusions and ranting for no reason. I certainly hope I’ll be disproved because if I’m right, something is rotten in the state of YouTube. At any rate, I’m positive you’ll appreciate the two videos below.

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