Word Flow: Microsoft’s Keyboard for iOS

Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 by

Word FlowTexting on your phone just got even easier and faster with Word Flow.


Word FlowWord Flow is Microsoft’s Keyboard for iOS and makes texting easier than it has ever been and it’s completely customizable. The app comes with free customization options and includes Arc style for easy, one handed typing (just not while driving). With the arc mode keyboard, users can tap and swipe to create words and Word Flow can predict what is being typed and can correct mistakes. As the app is used, Word Flow can predict what word will come next and then users don’t even have to type it. Word Flow is customizable too. The keyboard background can be customized and all images included with the app are free too. Word Flow is best for one handed typing and for a more natural experience. As if texting wasn’t easy enough, Word Flow is making it even easier.

Word Flow

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