WitStream – Fed Up with Useless Feeds? Take a Smile Break

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 by

witstream WitStream – Twitter seems like one of the most ubiquitous phenomena today, with millions of people worldwide constantly updating their thoughts, actions and feelings. But this, along with Facebook’s status and real-time feed feature (and other apps following the same trend) is one of the cases where quantity overshadows quality. So what hope is there? Simply put, WitStream.

WitStream (still in beta) is an unobtrusive, funny and yes, witty platform celebrating aphoristic humor statements all over. According to their About page, WitStream is “a place where you can read some truly entertaining posts. Assembled at WitStream™ is a group of pre-approved, hand selected writers, comedians, and all around brilliant humorists.” So take a break from the social networking and blogging swamp for a few moments each day, and you’ll thank these guys for helping you keep things (and life) in the right proportions. Just dive in and rejoice!

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