Wilson X: The Ball That Tracks Makes And Misses

Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2015 by

Wilson XWilson X is the new way to improve your basketball game and keep you connected.

“Clutch Doesn’t Just Happen, Train For It”

Wilson XBeing the best take more than talent, it takes a lot of hard work. With the Wilson X basketball, your hard work is worked smarter. The Wilson X basketball tracks your shooting stats allowing players to analyze the data and improve their shooting game. When the ball is connected with the Wilson X App, shooting percentage and range is tracked and helps you work your way through four addicting game modes. If a hot hand is what you want, Wilson X will help you get it.

Wilson X

Sharp Shooting Starts With A Smart Ball

Wilson XWilson X is changing the way basketball players practice and improve their game. The ball has a built in sensor that tracks the makes, misses and shot range. Just pair the basketball with the Wilson X App and connect via Bluetooth. The App has four modes simulating real game situation. As you play through the modes, all the movements and shots are tracked getting you ready for the big game. Besides getting practice in, the ball and the App identify the exact points players need to work on. The basketball sells for $199.99 and comes in the official size and the intermediate size. This has never been done before, it’s going to take the basketball world by storm. If a hot hand is what you want, Wilson X will help you get it.



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