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SquidNote – My girlfriend got me a SquidNote for my birthday and at first I thought “Oh no, not another eCard”.Little did I know that they’ve redesigned the wheel into something special, personable and different. SquidNote offers the perfect way for your family or friends to show their combined love to you simply by adding all greetings to one memorable eCard.

TypeRacer – The first time I entered TypeRacer the following quote from Pulp Fiction was placed before me “And you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris? They call it, uh, Royale with Cheese. What do they call a Big Mac? A Big Mac is a Big Mac, but they call it Le Big Mac”. Before I knew it I was typing like crazy, I came in 3rd with 41 words per min. Confused? Just enter the site and start racing against others, upon completion let me know how fast do you type?

BooRah – Food is essential for our existence however it should be tasty and who can you trust better than other people reviews. BooRah summarizes a collection of online reviews from bloggers, professional critics and consumers on restaurants. Enter the zip code of the desired area in which you would like to dine in and the best restaurants will be available for you. Hungry? Check the best restaurants at San Fransisco, Los Angeles, New York and much more.

Ideal Bite – If you knew what you could do in the day to day to impact the planet and your community in a positive way, you’d do it. Right? But for most of us, there are not enough hours in the day as it is, never mind finding the time to learn which products are environmentally friendly and which aren’t, or what a label means when it says “organic,” “natural,” or “sustainable.” Ideal Bite is here to help, providing insight and inspiration, level-headed advice, and tried-and-true recommendations for people who aspire to align their everyday actions with their personal values. So lets try, at least a bit.

Joey & David – Joey Manderino & David Young have created an excellent comedy video website which is based solely on their exceptional talent of writing, performing and producing. The various videos are featured under 4 categories (Shorts, Longs, Viralcom and YoungMan Lab) that provide endless hours of sarcastic humor. If you feel like laughing this is the ultimate site for you. Enjoy!

Decision08 – Please decide the following: Who are you? Who do you like? Who do you support? Deciding has never been an easy task however the latter question involves more than just your personal life it has an impact on the community, so you must take it seriously. Decision08 is an interactive political site that hopes to ease on your misgivings and help you reach the right political decision.

Reviewgist – You decided to buy a new digital camera, you even decided what is your budget and what features you are looking for however the enormous amount of products makes your decision impossible. Reviewgist comes to rescue you, Reviewgist gathers reviews from numerous online sources, analyze what they say and combine those opinions into a single easy-to-digest format. I tested the site and it seems that the results are very useful, the site offers more in-depth information than standard user-generated reviews and I hope will ease on your electronic purchase decisions.

Pluggedin – Pluggedin is a new music video site that has great potential, it is sleek and is based on HD legal videos (Universal, Sony BMG, and EMI). However the legacy part is also the Achilles heel of the site as the content is pretty vanilla, the artists they have listed are all commercial/popular, no real selection beyond the usual for-the-masses artists. Another downside is that some of the videos won’t upload or take a long while to upload. Despite these facts it is worth checking, I believe that Pluggedin will evolve and be a big factor as an online music video provider.

Get out and Play – This is soooo much fun, that i don’t want to ruin your surprise by plotting the story. Follow it and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Toon Crisis – Ever seen a crazy homeless guy wandering around shooting at pigeons with his finger? Now, see what his frazzled mind sees: demons, scary worms, and more. This game is a great blend of real-world video and cartoons. Reminds me of one of the first blended movies – Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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