WhiteHouse.gov – The Official Site of President Barack Obama

Posted on Monday, February 2nd, 2009 by

WhiteHouse.gov – Barack Obama promised CHANGE in Washington. After having being elected, his first step towards realizing his vision was the launch of Change.gov for the administration’s transition period. The Change.gov site was quite different and more modern, compared to the previous WhiteHouse site, and I was very curious to see whether the Change spirit will be maintained following the transition or will Barack adopt the old and dull official format. From what it seems up until now, Barack Obama is definitely pulling through with the Change attitude.The new WhiteHouse site is absolutely wonderful. It has ‘professionalism’ and ‘experts’ written all over it, meaning that Internet and communication know-how personnel are running the show, making it a truly web 2.0 trendsetter. I was highly impressed by two social internet trends in particular: Barack Obama’s Weekly Address and The Blog. Way to go Obama! You have definitely earned my applause for a well-executed official internet site. Now, just bring us world peace and the recovery of the economy

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