What not to do – Dondoo

Posted on Monday, October 17th, 2022 by

Dondoo – A one-stop destination for the “what not to do” while you’re abroad.

We all plan detailed itineraries, shopping lists, and everything else we can do when planning to go to a new country. But have you ever wondered what not to do? There’s so much that a tour guide or basic research on the internet can’t tell. 

Well, voyage lovers need not worry. Dondoo is a website that tells you precisely what you shouldn’t do when you’re in a new country. For example, one shouldn’t sit under the coconut trees while they’re in the Bahamas, or one shouldn’t order a cappuccino in Italy after 11AM. Dondoo focuses on making people aware of different cultures so that no one faces awkward situations while traveling. 

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