What Happened in my Birth Year? – Quite a Bit, Actually

Posted on Monday, April 5th, 2010 by

whathappenedin What Happened in my Birth Year? – The name of this website reveals its concept; it offers facts of what had happened in the year you were born. I assume that when visiting this website, you will react in either one of the following ways: you will love it and think it’s such a clever idea (I discovered so many interesting facts that occurred on my birth year).  Another option might be that you’ll resent it, and see it as lame and totally useless.

I must admit that at first I liked it, and totally enjoyed it. However, after submitting different birth years I got bored; it offered the same content, only for different years. I would have expected each year to be unique rather than a text template filled with data. Moreover, I was disappointed from the fact that each year started with the same opening sentence: “In (your year), the world was a different place.” It’s such a cliché… Despite my bad pointers though, I do recommend that you try it out. After all, we are all humans, and accordingly, we’re all curious about what had happened during the year of our birth.

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