Weekly Faves – October 22

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doof doof Gaming and social networks are both hugely time consuming when it comes to the web. doof.com takes both of these concepts and puts them together. doof is a new social playground in which everyone can play casual flash based games while socializing with friends and sharing their thoughts and experiences. doof has been reviewed fully on our blog. We like it. Do you?

we7 We7 – Free legal downloads! Is this real, How does it work? We7 will feature the ad at the start of your music track. However, four weeks after you download your free track, We7 will give you the option of having the track ‘ad free’ – so you’ll be able to take full advantage of their new free music download model. Worth checking.

slideoo Slideoo – A simple tool that enables you to create a slideshow easily. Just enter your Flickr username and after customizing the slideshow width, image size, and number of pictures, Slideoo will compile the images into a scrollable format. Finally, quickpost or embed code it to your Facebook, Myspace or on to your blog. Send us your blog, we are curious to see it.

madeit MadeIt – Invitations that keep the party going on and on!!! MadeIt provides a new way to invite friends to a party. It is kinda like Evite, but in my opinion it is much better. MadeIt provides customizable invitations and a social network within each guests can interact before and after events take place. Check the video. Enjoy the party!

jimdo Jimdo – Lets say you wanted to build a website, but you don’t hold knowledge of coding. Go to Jimdo, sign-up, follow the instructions and BOOM you have your own page. It is free. It is simple to use.

soundsnap Soundsnap – A great legal resource to find and share free sound effects and loops. You won’t find songs or any commercial stuff on Soundsnap. Soundsnap is a collection of original sounds made or recorded by users for users. Why do I need it? Well probably on a daily basis you won’t require it, but as creating videos is such a common activity , you can always add a great Alien sound to your video.

interviewup InterviewUp – My mom told me “Work is our life, will save us from trouble”. So prepare wisely for your next dream job. InterviewUp is a community where users can share questions and answers with one another. It’s Your Career! Get Ready!

10question 10Questions – Wish you could ask the next US President tangible questions? Now you can. Post your video questions on 10Questions, the top 10 voted questions will be addressed to the candidates. Voting ends November 14th. The candidates will then have 4 weeks to record their answers and debate on the issues that are important to the people. Make a difference. Ask.

roommates Roommates – When college ends, the real party begins. Myspacetv has launched an original web series – Roommates. The series consists of 45 episodes (3 minute length) that are released every weekday until December 21st. The show is about 8 former college roommates who move to L.A. and join up to film a reality show. Enjoy.

vimeo Vimeo – You have created an excellent video however you want to keep it accessible only to the people you want. Vimeo respects your videos and your right to decide who watches them, therefore Vimeo has different privacy options so you can choose exactly who can see your videos, and others can do the same. Moreover, Vimeo is the first video site that lets you share videos in their original high-quality format — in High Definition.

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