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Posted on Thursday, February 11th, 2010 by

Welcome to the Weekly Games post! If you’re into kicking off the weekend with some great games, here is the lineup of the best games this week, updated every Thursday.
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polarpwnd Polar PWND Use bombs, mines and ramps to launch a bear called Boris to deal with some thug penguins who are hiding a secret. The penguins are waiting for you like sitting ducks, all you need to do is line up your explosives correctly and watch Boris fly high.


werebox Were BoxAt first glance they are ordinary Balls, there are thousands of them in every city. But they can transform into… BOXES! Other balls call them WereBoxes.


aliceisdead Alice is Dead Ep.2Venture further down the rabbit hole to answer old questions and meet new friends in Alice is Dead Ep.2

proseandmotion Prose and MotionArrange the letters in the correct order to spell out the word for each level for this rich physics game.

ninjaball Ninja Ball Ninja Ball is out on a mission: to collect a bunch of stars that are hiding in a world of 20 crazy levels. Use the rope to jump around.


lethalracing Lethal RacingWelcome to Lethal Racing! The ultimate racing game, based across 3 exciting locations sees you racing in mine carts, lawnmowers and shopping trolleys! Collect the coins and finish as fast as possible to earn points for upgrades!

worldofconfusion World of ConfusionDraw lines to create paths for your coin carriers. Mind your drawn lines age, they disappear.

lastbreath Last BreathYou are a lone freelancer who hopes to free his people from the tyranny of an unknown species. Activate your shield, upgrade your weapons and get ready to face an army.

spaceattack Space AttackSpace Attack is mix of a strategy game and a puzzle game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base by building space ships. You have to play the puzzle to earn money.

lasteggalive Last Egg Alive You’ve been thrown onto a level that never ends! survive for as long as you can!

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