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Posted on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 by

Welcome to the Weekly Games post! If you’re into kicking off the weekend with some great games, here is the lineup of the best games this week, updated every Thursday.
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jolls Jolls The Jolls’ kids have run off. Help collect them in this phuzzle game with 31 levels and 9 diplomas.


steambirds Steam BirdsSteamBirds is an exciting aerial dog fighting action/strategy game that you can pick up in seconds.From a top-down perspective you manage your squadron of aircraft and take on growing numbers of enemies.

minitd Mini Tower DefenceDo you like defence games? Have you tried mini Tower Defence yet? A lot of upgrades, achievements and fun!

thelinegamelime The Line Game: Lime EditionMove your mouse through the tunnels without touching the sides. A polished game of an old classic.

cluesweeper Clue SweeperMinesweeper meets Clue in this murder mystery puzzle game. Uncover important clues and identify the correct killer!


supermariostar Super Mario Star ScrambleCollect all the star sprites and defeat Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom!


ericthecircle Eric the CirclePhysics based drawing game, featuring Eric the Circle.

taberinos TaberinosPropel a ballraser across the screen wiping out lines and link nodes to complete the level. Some nodes need to be hit twice to disappear and some grow lines back.

condition Condition You, the lone crew member on a small vessel, find a space station near the edge of explored space beaming out a distress call. As anyone would do in such a situation, you blindly investigate.

eon EON Place gravity wells near gas giant planets to suck the matter from their surface. Stream these particles through space to fill collection rings to solve each puzzle.

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