WebMii – Search Yourself (online…)

Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2010 by

webmii WebMii – Yesterday I saw an episode of The Bachelor, and one of the female contestants knew everything about the handsome protagonist. Her knowledge was apparently so in-depth that even the other female contestants were amazed and asked her “how do you know so much about him?” She answered: “before joining the show I Googled him.”

Google is indeed one of the best searching tools out there, but where should you go if you want to know exactly what details are out there about you or someone you know (or want to know)? WebMii offers exactly that sort of information, both in organized and accurate manner. Try it for (and on) yourself, your friends, a celebrity you admire or detest, etc. If you don’t find this service worthwhile you can always try another one called Pipl, previously featured on AllMyFaves. If you are still dissatisfied, there’s always good ol’ Google.

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