We are all Going to Die – 100 Meters of Existence

Posted on Monday, April 27th, 2009 by

We’re all Going to DieSimon Hoegsberg is an overwhelmingly talented photographer who has the unique ability to tell a fascinating story through regular day-to-day photos. “We’re all going to die – 100 meters of existence” is a particular photograph which is actually 100 meters long and 78cm in height. Yes, the title is scary but don’t let that ruin the magic as the art is amazing; just imagine seeing the actual photo in a museum… Watching it on your computer screen is also pretty damn impressive, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

What was the process like? The photograph was composed by 20 days of taking pictures in Berlin and Simon shot the 178 people from a bridge, capturing an incredible variety of emotions and characters of people. From kisses to laughter to absolutely creepy expressions, Simon got it all on camera. The photograph is extremely vivid and contains great depth, capturing blurred air planes in the background and bike handles in the front. It’s quite a piece of art worth exploring if you have a few minutes. Another amazing project of Simon worth checking out is The Thought Project – Simon asked people what they thought of a moment before he approached them. Simon is a genius, creating art from casual occurrences – excellent and well-done!

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