Wag: On-Demand Dog Walking

Posted on Friday, June 10th, 2016 by

WagYou thought being able to watch TV on-demand was great, how about having someone walk your dog? Wag is on-demand dog walking!

It’s Ok To Be Busy

WagWalking the dog is something that has to happen at least once a day, but sometimes days are just so busy that it’s hard to do everything. Wag is here to help those busy dog owners, who sometimes have a full day and are constantly busy. Wag is a dog walking service for busy dog owners. Booking a Wag walker is incredibly easy too. It resembles booking an Uber or Lyft. Log into the app and request a walker. Their faces pop up at their current location, and once you’ve booked, the walker is on their way to make sure your dog gets what they need…a walk! Dog owners can see where the walks their dogs go on, how long they’re out for and after each walk the owner receives a activity report. Walks come with insurance and the walkers go through an application process to become certified. Wag is a great way to help take some things off your plate, and to make sure your dog has the best walk!


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