VizEat: Taste the City with Locals

Posted on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 by

VizEatWhen you vacation in a different country, you want to experience the country to its’ fullest. That includes the food too! VizEat provides the ultimate food experience in other countries.

Eat Your Way Around the World

VizEatOne of the best parts about traveling, is the amazing food that can be tried all around the world! VizEat gives travelers the ultimate food experience, allowing them to taste the city with locals. On VizEat, choose the city your visiting and then browse through a variety of food events and pick what looks best! Simple request to book the event, and then the host will chat with your directly about the food, city, and event itself. There are so many different authentic experiences to choose from, and they’re all delicious. If you’re a host, share your event. Anything from a cooking class, dinner, market tours, the choice is yours, just set your price. Once you receive requests, manage reservations and chat with guests on the site. Guests won’t be charged until the host accepts the “book”, and hosts won’t receive payment until the day after the event. There is so much to see and eat around the world, so let VizEat help you experience it all!


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