Vessel: Watch Your Favorites Here First

Posted on Monday, April 27th, 2015 by

vessel3Vessel is a video-streaming platform with early access to clips and complete segments from your favorite TV shows and media companies.

Exclusive Early Access

vessel1Vessel is the online streaming platform for television super-fans. The main draw of the site is its “early access,” which lets users watch exclusive content from major television companies and content creators before they hit the rest of the market. The service is available for $2.99/month (with the first month free). That’s cheaper than most other subscription-based video streaming sites, but the majority of the content on Vessel is short-form. It’s more of a way to be the first to get a look at upcoming content than it is a replacement for Netflix or Hulu. That’s not to belittle the content on Vessel, as companies like National Geographic, Funny or Die, UFC, NBA and many more have set up channels on the site.


Short Form Content

vessel5While users have to pay for early access, there’s still tons of great content on Vessel available to be streamed for free. Even with a free account, users can subscribe to channels — from broad genres like “Music” or “Travel” to more specific content creators like “Nerdist.” Since they usually come directly from major media companies, the videos tend to be higher-quality and better than what you could find on YouTube. There are also no annoying ads or comment sections, and the site in general is well-built and easy to navigate. The content on Vessel is also highly diverse, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something interesting to watch by browsing the site.


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