TwoSides – An exciting Internet Debating Platform

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2011 by

TwoSides is a great concept: A social debating platform. You see views from every side of an issue and compare viewpoints with others. It’s a concept for a new world, where people are more informed, open-minded, and tolerant. And the good news is, it works really beautifully. I’ve been busy reading a number of surprisingly mature arguments on some rather contentious issues on there, and I also enjoy wading in with my two cents every now and again as well.

My only concern for the site is that it really has to be moderated very carefully, especially when it becomes more widely used (which I think it really should be, because it’s brilliant!). I would worry that more extreme viewpoints would be given their head, and that debates turn into hate-filled dramas. However, maybe that’s another debate for the site’s users to give their input to!

Be sure to check out TwoSides’ awesome feature on the 2012 US Presidential Elections while you’re looking around too: It allows you to compare candidates to see whose views you most coincide with!

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