Tweet Museum – A New Pop Culture Movement?

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010 by

tweetmuseum Tweet Museum – Twitter (with 50 million tweets per day) is one of those sites that gave birth to a new site genre, resulting in the emergence of websites with a shared goal: enhance and complete the twitter experience. As a twitter user myself, I regularly use twitpic, tweetdeck, wefollow and Tweet Museum does touch on the Twitter phenomenon, but in a different way; it’s an artistic interpretation of tweets.

Illustrator Odessa Begay is inspired by tweets of famous people, and then proceeds to interpret them to a visual illustration (one illustration per week, every Tuesday). The artistic illustrations are nothing short of superb, and I think this has the potential of becoming the next pop culture movement. Perhaps I shall call it ‘twitter-culture.’ In any case, I am waiting for the MOMA exhibition of these art works. Below are my faves, and I invite you to try and guess who is the celebrity involved before clicking on it to reveal the answer. Enjoy!




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