TubeRadio – Tune into Something Different

Posted on Monday, February 8th, 2010 by

tuberadio TubeRadio – I listen to music every day, mostly online through different websites such as, and (all of these are included in my personal faves – have a peep). Having that said, I am always eager to discover new ways to search for and consume great tunes.

TubeRadio is based on music from YouTube but so are many other web radio sites. Its uniqueness is manifested by the way you search for music, navigate the site and listen to selected tracks. In a nutshell, TubeRadio’s execution and appealing interface are what distinguishes this music site from the rest of the bunch. The greatest part about TubeRadio in my book is that you can look for and listen to complete albums of your favorite artists; the site will find for you all the album songs on YouTube, and organize them in the original order. That just blows me away.

The overall experience is quite similar to that of iTunes, and to get a broader understanding of how it works click here. I sure will give this music site a chance, and maybe if I like it enough I will eventually add it to my personal faves. By the way, when I first tried out this service my first search was for Elton John, so as a tribute to the flashy Sir see the video below.

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