TubeDisco – Mixing YouTube Videos

Posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 by

tubedisco TubeDisco – I usually listen to streamed music through (click here to listen to my station), but often I simply enjoy browsing YouTube and finding something to listen to from the video site’s results. The only problem is that I can’t search for the next song while listening to the one being played, which is why I used to have two YouTube tabs open in my browser – that’s not fun. TubeDisco has identified this problem and created a solution; a YouTube video DJ Mixer. The mixer is very simple and you don’t have to be a professional DJ to mix the songs (try it yourself). In terms of how it works, you can either keep on feeding it with music you searched for or, you can simply start with a favorite track and TubeDisco will feed in similar songs, even mix them for you.

If you like this service, I recommend joining their facebook fanpage. The site is still relatively new and they need your support. I enjoyed it so much I decided to join. What about you?

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