Trim: An Automated Financial Assistant

Posted on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 by

TrimSubscriptions can eat up a large amount of our monthly fees, so it’s finally time to get them in order with Trim.


TrimThere are so many things we could possibly subscribe to, that we can lose track sometimes. When we stop paying attention to what we subscribe to, we stop paying attention to how much money we are spending in a month. Thanks to Trim, we can do just that, trim down our subscriptions. Trim will go through finances, find everything we subscribe to and then lay it out allowing us to see what and where we are spending and then cancel if we want. The best part, all of this is done through text. There is no hassle of dealing with each provider individually. Trim can save us more than $100 each month! Set spending alerts, keep your account balance in check, and more to help save money each month. Start saving money, get a hold of your subscriptions and start using Trim.


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