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ffwd – ffwd is based on our common behavior of flipping through TV channels with a remote control. The result is a personal remote control for web videos that is as simple as channel surfing but more powerful as the internet is almost endless and TV isn’t – well everybody knows that web video will eventually kill the TV star one day. ffwd has concluded videos from various sites, such as: Hulu, Comedy Central, YouTube, MySpaceTV and much more. Using these sites as a huge DB lets you pick TV shows, web video channels, and topics you’re interested in and then ffwd will provide you with constant related videos. This is HUGE. It is endless hours of streaming videos. Unfortunately subscription is mandatory, however, it is worth it. After subscribing make sure you check the browse channels section – you will enjoy the vast amount of channels under your nose. If fixed channels bores you, you can always create your own channel based on your personal preferences or simply follow someone who has already created a cool channel.

Blah Girls – Backed by Ashton Kutcher, Blah Girls is a gossip site that features a group of animated (SouthPark resemblance) teenage girls who provide opinions on what’s going on in the world of entertainment. The animated characters blah blah about current celeb news and is updated with new episodes every Monday and Thursday. Blah Girls isn’t suitable for kids as the characters smoke pot and bitch around.

Stormpulse – If you’re into storm watching and tracking hurricanes, this is one of the best interactive sites on the web, you can find most of the same information from the National Weather Service. However, Stormpulse presents it in a way that is easier to interpret and more interesting to use. You can map a storm track, access satellite information, read about the storm’s life cycle, grab info from Wikipedia, view hurricane photos posted on flickr and much more. For a detailed guide check review of features.

Wine Library TV – Wine Library TV is considered one of the best online wine educators. It is hosted passionately by Gary Vaynerchuk which key goals are twofold: “First, I want people to try different wines. How can you have a fave if you only know a few? Second, I tell people to trust their palates. If a wine appeals to your palate, then it’s a good choice. Don’t feel pressured to like popular brands or what experts recommend. Buy what ‘brings the thunder’ for you.” He even reviews Champagne, don’t you simply love Champagne. Additional wine related sites that have been featured previously on our Weekly Faves include: NoseWine and Snooth. Drink responsibly (not wine but still related).

Tweegee – Tweegee is a Web Portal for Tweens (kids aged 7-15) which offers them a complete world of internet resources to create, share and have fun with. It’s a one-stop site which provides Tweens with a safe and integrated ability to take full ownership of their online activities, to create their own complete personal web sites, communicate via web based email and organizer, engage in rich multiplayer games, read news most relevant to them, author their own articles and much more. Read The Birth of Google as it is presented to kids.

Green Daily – We know that this big ball we live on is facing environmental challenges like never before. So how do we connect the dots between our consumer lifestyle and environmental responsibility? I am glad you asked. You can start with Green Daily – A nice, typical blog (with a hip, slightly humorous attitude) about keeping the planet as crap-free as possible so we can use it longer. Want more? Check our previous Green posts.

How Stuff Works Videos – From car engines to search engines, from cell phones to stem cells and thousands of subjects in between. HowStuffWorks has it covered. No topic is too big or too small for them. In addition to comprehensive articles, helpful graphics and informative videos walk you through every topic clearly, simply and objectively. AllMyFaves have decided to direct you straight to the video section because we are visual people and we think that visualizing things is the best. BTW the most viewed video on the site is A Computer Tour, isn’t it astonishing, who uses computers these days ;-).

Retro Thing – Retro Thing is a vintage response to sites like Gizmodo and Endgadget, which provide a daily onslaught of dozens of almost identical mobile phones, computers and shiny gadgets. Vintage devices are often available for a tiny fraction of what they sold for new and they still offer hours of fun. So are you thinking of reuniting with your Commodore 64.

Dirty Car Art – When the dust gets thick on cars, Scott Wade uses it as a canvas to create temporary works of art. The site features a nice gallery of images that were painted directly using dirt. No simple “wash me!” here, these are portraits, landscapes, and whimsical scenes. Probably the most ephemeral and dusty art you’ll ever see. Don’t you simply love creative people?

World WarsThe target of world wars is to take over all of the territories. Similar to risk or dice wars. Why real wars couldn’t be as simple or maybe it is the same, maybe someone is just rolling the dice and by so deciding if to attack or not.

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