Tokyo Treat: Japanese Treats to Your Doorstep Every Month!

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2016 by

Tokyo TreatHave a bit of Japan delivered right to your door with Tokyo Treat!

A Box Full of Japanese Goodness

Tokyo TreatFor many, Japan is a far country to travel to. So each month have a bit of Japan delivered right to your door. Tokyo Treat is a subscription service that delivers the best Japanese snacks and candies to your door each month. Snacks are salty, sweet and even sour. These are also the Japanese snacks that aren’t available in your local grocery store. Tokyo Treat is based in Tokyo which means all the snacks come directly from the factory and are still fresh when they get to your door each month. Don’t think these boxes are filled with any old treats, they’re all authentically Japanese and they’re full size too (no samples)! There are three size boxes to pick from: small, regular and premium. They each vary in price and have a different number of items in them, but they all ship for free, worldwide! If you’re not convinced to try Tokyo Treat yet, check out our experience with our first Tokyo Treat box. One day it will be nice to make our way to Japan, but in the meantime Tokyo Treat delivers a bit of the country right to our door!

Tokyo Treat

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