TIDY: The Trusted Homekeeping Company

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2016 by

TIDYTIDY is a better way to keep your home clean, and what sounds better than that?

All Clean and TIDY

TIDYTIDY is a cleaning service that aims to provide delightful cleanings at an affordable price. TIDY differs itself from other cleaning services because they only focus on customers looking for regular home cleaning. This practice also helps keep the prices down. TIDY offers different levels of cleaning services, providing lots of options for the perfect clean homeowners can depend on. Each option lasts a different amount of time and will clean more depending on the level of service. All TIDY employees are background checked and insured, it’s important to know who is entering into your home. Everyone speaks English and are legal US residents, and they have all passed an intensive TIDY cleaning certification, home style and etiquette training. TIDY is prepared with premium supplies and vacuums, and all products use a mix of environmentally responsible, non-toxic, pet and baby safe products. Besides TIDY being a reliable service, they also donate 1% of all services back to the community. For those looking for a reliable cleaning service, you can’t get tidier than TIDY.


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