The People Have Spoken – Best Games of 2009

Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2010 by

amfwinner Best Games of 2009 – Many of our users, once on the All My Faves homepage, choose the Games page as their next AMF stop. These large volumes of visitors is what prompted us to create the games version of our Weekly Faves, called Weekly Games, the highlight of every week’s top games. As 2009 is drawing to a close, we asked you, our users, to rate your top Weekly Games of 2009. To make it easier for you, we narrowed more than 500 games down to the best 32 games, and invited you to nominate your champions.

Your votes produced the ten winners, and Click Play 2 is at the top of those 10, scoring the most votes, and thus making it the best game of 2009. Runner-ups are Crush the Castle and Fat Slice. See the complete list of kings and queens below. I would appreciate your comments; let me know which game is your personal favorite -mine is Dog Fight. Before we opened users’ access to voting the AMF team did some guessing on what games will be chosen, and we were were surprised to see that Bubble Spinner and Little Wheel didn’t make it to the ten winners’ list. Then again, that’s the beauty in giving power to the people.

So we are heading strong for a new year, and I know 2010 will be even more exciting than 2009. I can assure you that we will keep on sharing the best games out there. So stay tuned, and don’t forget to follow us on our games facebook fan page.

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