The Optimist – Smiles are Top Story

Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2010 by

the_optimist The Optimist – In 2009 we featured on our Weekly Faves two optimism-oriented news sites: Good News Now and Happy News. As the names of these suggest, both deal with good news worth knowing. The initiative of creating such sites is indeed blessed and appreciated, but to tell you the truth, neither of these offers a well-executed solid source for good news in my view (in terms of content and appearance).

The Optimist however is a different story. Its design is simply superb; starting with a cute lovable logo and on with the site’s overall look and feel that is fun and enjoyable to navigate through. In addition, the content is excellent and engaging. I found myself spending quite a lot of time browsing through the various sections and enjoying consuming the goodness in hefty amounts. I especially enjoyed the Optimist TV, which offers a list of many (smiley) videos. My favorites were 4 Laughing Babies and God is a DJ.

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