The Habit List: Build a Better You

Posted on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 by

Habit ListHabit List is everything you need to reach your goals and more.

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Habit ListSetting goals for yourself is easy, but keeping them is the hard part. Habit List has everything you would need to reach your goals, all while being extremely easy. Habit List motivates you, helps you stay focused and keeps you on track (the hardest part). Each goal you set for yourself, there’s a streak and they’ll change colors depending on whether you’ve reached it or not. Green is good, and other shades will show which goals are lacking. The app also has reminders, to make sure you’re reaching your goals everyday. Habit List shows the trends of completion or how much of the goal you’ve reached. This really helps hold yourself accountable for the goals you’ve set for yourself. Set your own goals, and set the way you want to reach them with Habit List. Habit List is the app that finally helps you reach all your goals, on your time, without being pushy.

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