The Great Animal Orchestra

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The Great Animal OrchestraThe world around us can inspire us in so many ways. The Great Animal Orchestra features work that was inspired by the great outdoors.

An Acoustic Landscape

The Great Animal OrchestraThe Great Animal Orchestra is work that’s inspired by the American musician and bio-acoustician Bernie Krause. The exhibition brings together artists from all over the world to immerse themselves in aural and visual meditation. The purpose of the project is to bring awareness to the fact that the animal kingdom is under threat every day. For over 40 years, Bernie Krause has collected over 5,000 hours of sound recordings of animals’ natural habitats. These help provide the full immersion of the meditation component. Lots of Krause’s work has been inspired by the sounds and noises. The Great Animal Orchestra is an interesting way to experience the world of the outdoors, and really get in touch with it.

The Great Animal Orchestra

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