The Expedition Game – To the End!

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 by

The Expedition Game – Sometimes I hear people describing a good game as something you shouldn’t play if you have work that needs to be done. The Expedition Game most certainly falls under this category of games, and is brought to us by the website. The Expedition Game puts you at the center of an African Expedition – you are the lead explorer. You are asked to make important decisions along the way, such as which trail to walk in, which weapon to use for protection, and the number of porters you should travel with.

The most important challenge I encountered while playing this terrific game was how to maintain enough food supply that will last for the entire duration and distance of the expedition. In addition to these crucial calculations, The Expedition Game provides amazing videos, special graphics and safari sounds. Enjoy it and make it to the end. Good Luck!

Just for kicks, below is Hollywood’s most famous and most cherished explorer.

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