The Customer Is not Always Right

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Doodle 4 Google – Google has always maintained its homepage clean of clutter, only on special occasions they have touched the sacred logo and reinvented it. Dennis Hwang (The Google doodler) is in charge of celebrating and marking worldwide events and holidays with his doodles. Doodle 4 Google is a competition where Google invited K-12 students to reinvent Google’s homepage logo. Google asked U.S. kids to doodle around the theme “What if…?”. Voting is over, but things still aren’t over quite yet, on May 21st the winner will be announced and will get the chance to replace the Google logo on the following day. So stay tuned and make sure you check Google on May 22nd. Check the last 40 finalists. Who do you think will be the next American doodler?

Powerset – Powerset is a search and discovery experience for Wikipedia. Search Friendship. Search Mark Rothko. Search Leonardo da Vinci. Search The Queen of England. Search Chelsea. Search Beatles. Search Inquisition. Search Monty Python. Search 2222. Search 1111. Search Guernica. Search Global Warming. Search Evolution. Search Humanity. Search Love. Search Sex. At the end Why Search?

Milk and Cookies – A virtual Flea Market of links to videos, games, etc. The site updates frequently, it is good to visit when you have time to kill and want to be amused. There is something here for everyone. I browsed the site for hours, I never knew that the roots of breakdance are Russian. Thank you Eddie Hart for the great link, keep them coming. Suggest us links and also you will be credited.

Coolspotters – We all see great stuff being worn and used by our favorite celebrities – in magazines, TV or in movies – but there’s never been an easy way to find out exactly what the great stuff is. Coolspotters is the answer to your 15 minutes of fame desire. Discover and buy the products being used by your favorite celebs. So who do you want to be: Barack Obama, Jay-Z or maybe Paris Hilton.

The Inquisitr – The Inquisitr aims to provide a relevant mix of tech, pop culture and odd/funny news to the blog reading world. The Inquisitr has been formed by Duncan Riley (Ex TechCrunch) and it seems that his goal is providing the regular people a glance from the tech world but only the best and most interesting stories. The truth is that Tech blogs such as TechCruch, Webware, ReadWriteWeb and Mashable can be quite overwhelming for the common people. Therefore, The Inquisitr offers a great tool for people that want to be updated but don’t really care if Twitter is down – who uses it anyway.

PickupPalHitchhiking has gone online – With millions of vehicles on the road, someone is definitely going your way. PickupPal’s core service is providing a venue for either passengers or packages to find or be matched to a driver, typically already traveling in a certain direction or destination, for a small commission. By using this service you not only find a ride but you also help reduce emissions and prevent global warming.

HelloTxt – “I am getting married”, “I am on my way to Jamaica”, “I am happy”, “I am tired”. These days updating “what you are doing” has become an essential task however with the growing amount of microblogging services it has become a hassle updating all of them. HelloTxt enables you to update (simultaneously) your status across all of your social networks and microblogs with a single click. So what are you doing right now?

Mighty Optical Illusions – Do you know the feeling that perception turns against you? Mighty Optical Illusions is a website dedicated to optical illusions, magic tricks and puzzles. Don’t fight it, love it and try seeing things from a different angle. Black Hole Sun is one of my fave illusions, I feel as the sun is closing on me. BTW one of our most visited posts on our blog is based on an optical illusion – which direction is the female dancer turning?

Not Always Right – It is said that the customer is always right! That’s right, this site is all about the funny and quirky incidents that sales representatives go through. It is quite hilarious, think about it the next time you call customer service.

Portal It is time to begin your test. You might have noticed that this morning, you woke up in a very strange location. Your task is to find your way to the exit door and go through it alive. Hint – Aim to the white walls. This is quite an intriguing game, enjoy that tasks and don’t give up. It kinda reminds me of the legendary Sliders TV show. Do you see the similarity?

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