The Cryptic Canvas – A Bone Fide Movie Quiz!

Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2009 by

The Cryptic Canvas – The Cryptic Canvas is a painting where 50 clues are hidden and waiting for you. Your goal is to find them all and correctly identify which film they represent. If you enter the film title in correctly, the box will turn green and the clue will fade out. If answered incorrectly, the box will turn red and you can try another answer. The quiz will end once you’ve answered all 50 clues correctly.

This quiz was extremely difficult for yours truly but I enjoyed every minute of it. I got some of the titles right in a flash but found myself struggling with the rest of the clues. After my ego was slightly bruised, I searched the internet and found this link that offers all 50 titles. Here’s something funny: I still ended up not guessing all 50 titles… Try it first without the list and if you are desperate (like I was), consult the list of titles. Have Fun!

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