Swole.Me: Wrestling Back Control Over Your Diet For You

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 by

Take control of your calorie count with Swole.me

Swole.me is a website for people who say they’re on a diet… but aren’t actually on a diet. And I’m one of those people. Since I left my beloved Argentina and moved abroad, I haven’t stopped gaining weight. Most people call it “adaptation to a new culture”, but I know the terrible truth: it’s more “inability to stop eating chocolate”! But since I don’t wanna buy a second ticket for my flight back home, I’ve turned to Swole.me to create my own diet that fits me and my food loving issues…

How to become your own dietician on Swole.me:

When you reach Swole.me, the first thing you have to do is set yourself a goal by stating what is likely to be the obvious: Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Either way, you can use the really useful calorie calculator to estimate how much you’re supposed to eat in a day. Then, just relax, lay back and let the site do its job: choose between vegan, vegetarian or paleo (among other options) and craft a diet to follow. You can customize the food choices manually to your liking by removing and adding components to your different meals, while checking to make sure it fits the amount of calories and daily meals you need to suit your diet.

Once you complete you whole day menu, just go to the grocery list building section and find out which stands you’re going to visit in your next trip to the supermarket. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s diet. But don’t forget… results always depend on efforts! Click here to have a try…

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