Sweet Station – Eclectic is the New Black

Posted on Monday, January 25th, 2010 by

sweetstation Sweet Station – Sweet Station is an eclectic blog, and according to their about us it is “a place for our thoughts and ramblings in the fields of paintings, illustrating, advertising, photography, product design, architecture, installation design, graphic arts and well, pretty much anything we want to talk about.” As you can see it has a bit of everything that relates to creativity. Below are pic accompanying the posts I was inspired the most by. Click on them to read the full story. By the way, if you’re keen on discovering more sensually eclectic blogs in the creative realm, check our Design page.

Another cool section worth exploring in Sweet Station is the Stickers page. It presents pictures people took with the Sweet Station logo in various places in the world. Want your photo to be featured as well? No problem – click here, send them an email and the stickers will be sent to you. I already did my part and now I’m waiting for the stickers to arrive…

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