Super Chibi Knight: Stop General Tso

Posted on Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 by

superchibiknight1Do you have what it takes to reach the dastardly General Tso and stop him from taking over the world?


Super Chibi Knight!

Super Chibi Knight is a flash adventure game created by Armor Games. It’s also available on most other platforms, such as Xbox and Steam. At its core, it’s a side-scrolling platform game like Super Mario, but with elements of chance and choice mixed in. superchibiknight5You could play through Super Chibi Knight multiple times and have different outcomes depending on the choices you make. There are multiple achievements to unlock, each based on these choices (like choosing “to go to Mahou Island” or the “Yajuu Mountains,” different platforms you can play through). The character is controlled using the arrow keys and the gameplay is simple, but the most exciting aspect is the unique graphic design and the soundtrack. There is RPG-esque dialogue as well as tons of different challenges to keep you busy throughout your journey. It can get difficult to keep track of all of your character’s abilities and objectives, but it gets better the further you advance in the game.

superchibiknight4 superchibiknight3

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