Sumo Sushi: Feed The Sumo

Posted on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 by

Sumo SushiIt’s a sad day for this sumo when he isn’t fed his sushi. Sumo Sushi will keep the day from being a sad one.

Feed Me!

Sumo SushiSumo Sushi is an easy game to understand and play, but extremely addicting. The goal of the game is to match the pairs of sushi rolls and ultimately feed the sumo wrestler. This game is very similar to mahjong, just match the pairs and kill the board. Each time a pair is made, the sushi is fed to the sumo wrestler. There are no hidden tricks to this game, just match the pair. If you make a pair, but then there are no further moves, the sumo makes you start that level over. Because each level is easy to complete, you’ll want to keep moving on. As players progress through the levels, the boards change. It may not be a simple 3×3 board, there could be spots missing make you think a little more about your next move. Sumo Sushi is a great way to kill some time with out becoming to invested in a game. It’s easy to stop and start, so your other work wont suffer. In Sumo Sushi all you have to do is feed the sumo to make him happy, and you wouldn’t want him to be sad would you?

Sumo Sushi

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