StyleSeat Network | Top Beauty & Wellness Professionals…and their clients!

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012 by

Want Charlize Theron’s Oscar winning hairstyle? Want to give someone Charlize Theron’s Oscar winning hairstyle? Whether you’re a top stylist (or beauty therapist, masseur or more), or a client with high standards, StyleSeat is a free style network to connect you with the right people.

A great idea, following recent trends on the internet (connecting service providers with customers and clients in niche networks), StyleSeat makes it easier for consumers to book their next hair styling, massage, personal trainer session, manicure and more; and helps those businesses to grow by providing them with a dynamic, bookable online profile to connect with new and existing clients. As you can see from the stylist’s profile below, it’s easy to see the sorts of hair styles he creates, and it’s so easy to book an appointment or get a special deal! Click here to get inspired for your next beauty, wellness or hair treatment.

A Stylist's profile on StyleSeat: Click to browse the top stylists in your local area!

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