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Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 by

Style Me GrasieWhen a blog is more than just someone telling you what to buy, read and listen to, it actually can be good. That’s what Style Me Grasie is a good fashion blog.

Not Just Another Blog

Style Me GrasieLots of blogs can be similar, stuffed with way to much content or terribly designed. But Style Me Grasie is the exact opposite, it’s a fashion blog, but one you’ll actually want to read and stay up to date with. Grasie Mercedes is an actress and before you dismiss the blog because the owner is an actress, this isn’t a blog filled with ads and product plugs. Style Me Grasie is a blog that’s filled with mostly style, beauty, home, travel and some personal pieces thrown in. Grasie Mercedes goal is to keep the blog light and fun, because she believes that’s what life style blog is. The posts are filled with things Grasie likes, in real life and not what sponsors want to see her blogging about. Topics cover why blue is her favorite color, favorite restaurants and interesting things to do in different cities that aren’t so mainstream. Style Me Grasie is a blog filled with posts you’ll actually want to read, and you’re probably going to become obsessed with Grasie Mercedes because she’s awesome!

Style Me Grasie

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