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Student.comEven if a school doesn’t provide student housing, it’s time to move out of student housing, or it’s time to travel abroad, there is a lot of information to sort through and it may be hard to get started. Student is helping students find their perfect room.

Live On Your Own Terms

StudentMost schools offer student housing, but after a while it’s time to get out of there. Whether students are staying around their campus or going abroad for the semester, they’re going to need a place to live. Student offers over 500,000 rooms in over 300 cities worldwide. Simply search the city of residence and then browse all the living options that Student provides. It’s sort of like booking a hotel or using Airbnb, but students are paying by the month (like rent) instead of by the night. All the housing provided are secure and approved, so students aren’t walking into a bad situation. Student is ready to help students and their families every step of the search and booking process. Most of the employees are bilingual providing help for everyone.


It’s Easy As ABC, 123

StudentUsing Student is an extremely easy process, so students all around the world can find the perfect place for them near and far. Start by searching the city of residence and add filters (travel time, roommate, price, etc.) Discover apartments by neighborhoods or universities for the perfect location. Once a residence is chosen, the property pages explain the options and cost/availability. Next, click the “Request to Book” button next to the desired room to complete the booking request form. Every student is assigned a personal booking consultant and they’ll contact you to confirm details of the room. After the confirmation, students receive the contract and the personal booking consultant will explain how to sign and all those details. Finally, pay the rent and deposit. After everything is good to go, students arrive at their apartments and check in! Being a student is hard enough, so finding a place to live should. Student makes that whole process 100% easier.


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