Stevie TV: Watch Facebook and Twitter Come to Life on Screen

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013 by

There is social media and then there are websites that take your social media world to a whole new level. Displaying yours and your friends lives on TV is Stevie’s claim to fame and they deserve a star on Hollywood Blvd for this one.

Social Media Through TV

Stevie TV takes your Facebook and Twitter worlds, puts them in a nice mixing bowl, and out comes a beautiful TV news report-esque show. Flashing photos, fun music blasting, and a crawl at the bottom updating you on what your friends recently posted. After connecting your Facebook and Twitter, photos of you and your friends appear on the screen almost like a slideshow-but even better! They’ll soon be joined by popular videos your Facebook friends have shared. On the side upcoming birthdays will be displayed, and on the bottom a crawl of the most recent updates of your friends will appear.

Watch the Celebrity Channel

Click on the Celebrity Watch channel to see what your favorite celebs are up to. See tweets from Lindsay Lohan, which stars are turning a year older, and pictures they’re posting on their Twitter and Facebook for fans to see. Watch videos the celebrities are sharing, and even share it yourself. And the best part is it all happens in real time! While watching Stevie TV, get updates about celebrities or even where your friends are hanging out.

View your friends photo albums in a new way when you click on “New Albums”, and photos are shown full screen-you can even like their photos! If you need a break from viewing updates, tweets, and photos, see the latest music videos your friends are watching and sharing. You never know what you’ll discover!

If you’re not blown away already you can now use your phone as a remote to select what video or channel you want to see next. If you’re looking for a new way to view your social media feeds, Stevie TV is an entertaining way to stay updated.

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