Splice: Music Collaboration Made Simple

Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 by

SpliceCreating music, sharing it and collaborating with others has never been easier than with Splice.

Endless Inspiration

SpliceSplice was created with the music loving founders found themselves discussing how technology challenges the making of music. Splice is a platform built by musicians, for musicians that can be incorporated into workflow, customized to meet needs, helps the creative process and collaborating with others. The founders of Splice wanted to create technology that “both respects and enhances workflow”. Splice integrates digital audio workstations that are already being used seamlessly into the creative process. Music projects are automatically backed up to the cloud, tracking every change and analyzing dependencies. Because Splice understands the process more, there are new opportunities for artists and producers to share their work. Sharing is selective too, music won’t just be released into the universe for anyone. Splice understand how music is made on a fundamental level, helping the creative process go beyond the studio.


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