Son of a Tailor: 100% Custom Fitted T-Shirts

Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 by

Son of a TailorIt’s hard when you can’t find clothing that fits perfectly, but Son of a Tailor is the solution to all your ill-fitting t-shirt problems.

Fits Like A Glove

Son of a TailorSon of a Tailor is the first company that makes t-shirts to specifically match someone’s size for the perfect fitting shirt. Start by filling out the questions for the perfect fit. You pick the style and the color and then just add your measurements before you check out. What process is easier than that? The shirts are 100% custom, so whatever you want is what you’re going to get. Not something based off someone else. These shirts are made to order, they fit better (since they’re based off you) and there is a perfect fit guarantee. Because Son of a Tailor doesn’t produce standard sizes, all t-shirts are cut from a new pattern every time. They’re not going to sell you a pre-made shirt making you think it’s going to fit. Don’t think that because you don’t fit the industry’s standard size there are no shirts for you, let Son of a Tailor deliver the perfect fitting shirt.

Son of a Tailor

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