Snakebird: What’s The Longest Possible Length A Bird Can Be?

Posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 by

SnakebirdIf you’re always asking yourself how long a bird can be, Snakebird was made for you.

Bird is the Word

SnakebirdBirds tend to be normal and typical animals. They sit in a tree, fly around, eat food, the usual. But you haven’t seen a bird like this, until you play Snakebird. When you play Snakebird, there is one question you’re going to have to ask yourself, “What’s the longest a bird can be?” Snakebird is a simple, yet deceptive puzzle about being able to fit the right shapes into the space at hand. When playing Snakebird, follow Redbird, Greenbird, and Bluebird as they go on quests to find all the fruit they could dream of. While controlling the birds, you’ll have to assume the amount of space needed to get the fruit. There are over 50 challenges to get through by pushing, lifting and defying the laws of physics to get fruit. Forget what you thought you knew about birds, and test your puzzle skills in Snakebird.


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