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Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 by

SmartNewsThere is so much happening in the world that is news worthy, but it’s hard to keep it all straight and organized. SmartNews is an app that makes it easier to discover news on a daily basis.

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SmartNewsEvery day there is something new to read in the world. Whether it’s good news or bad, there is a lot of information to process on a daily basis. SmartNews is a news app that does exactly what its name says. SmartNews is a smarter and easier way to get the news that matters to you. SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to find the top trending stories happening around the world at any moment. They work directly with a large variety or media publishers to provide a broad spectrum of topic and perspectives. The app features easier mobile readability, fast load times (even w/o an internet connection), a variety of news categories, and customizable options. Everyone doesn’t care about the same issues, which means we shouldn’t have to read all of the same material. SmartNews is a great news app designed specifically for the reader and their interests, not what new sources think everyone should be reading.


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