Skillpages: Making your Job Search Easier

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 by

Is it finally time for you to put yourself out there and start the 9-5 life? Whether you’re hunting for a job or a new employee, both of these processes can be tedious and sometimes just annoying. With personal recommendations, exact skill searches, and more, Skillpages brings you an easier way to cut your hunting time in half.

Finally Find the Perfect Job or Employee you’ve been Searching for!

As a recent college grad, plenty of my friends are looking for the best way to make their job search easier. Similar to Linked In where you can add your skills, get recommendations and endorsements, Skillpages is easy to navigate with a friendly, welcoming feel. Set up your profile, add your set of skills, and connect to your different social networks. If you’re looking to really show your past experience, upgrade to a skill page with your own domain name for just $8.24 a month.

If you’re looking to hire someone you can post a description of what you need. Whether it’s a personal trainer, web developer, or Vietnamese interpreter, Skillpages has it all. Include the skills you’re looking for, whether it can be done online, or if they need to come to your home or office. Skillpages immediately puts in your location and will show relevant job opportunities in your area through the Discovery Stream.

Give and get Recommendations from Friends and Employers

Everyday nearly 100,000 people are presented with different opportunities from Skill Pages. Recommendations can be shared through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter if you see a job description that may not be fit for you, but is perfect for your friend.

Check out their blog for some of the hottest opportunities of the week, new features to the site, and success stories. Skillpages is your next step in finding the perfect job or someone to finally build your company’s website. Watch the video below to learn more about Skillpages!


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