Shudder: Unlock the Door to a World of Horror

Posted on Friday, May 27th, 2016 by

ShudderIf you scare easily, have nightmares, and can’t watch the screen when something scary comes on, Shudder won’t be for you.

Can You Handle It?

ShudderIf you can’t handle anything scary, Shudder isn’t for you. But if you love everything that is scary or goes bump in the night, Shudder is your next obsession. Shudder is a new streaming service devoted to everything that scares the pants off of everyone but you. Shudder is filled with a growing library of horror films from around the world and across decades. These videos aren’t just amateur shots that were taken on a smart phone. The videos are from true horror fans with a love for everything from the horror genre. There are lots of films to discover, and old favorites to enjoy over and over. Shudder has something for everyone, from someone looking for a little scare or the hardcore horror fans. If you jump at the smallest noise, stay away. But for someone ready for a really good scare, try not to Shudder.


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