SendACallFromSanta – Personalized Phone Call from Santa this Christmas

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2011 by

Send a Call from Santa is one of Google’s suitably festive treats for this year’s Christmas novelty gift list. It’s very simple; just click onto the site, get started and within minutes you’ll have a sentimental/funny telephone message to send to your friends, family or significant others.

Readers beware though, you can only actually send Saint Nick’s answerphone message if you and the intended recipient have a US/Canada phone line.

Get started by clicking here!

Speaking of Christmas, if you’re still searching for those elusive Christmas gifts, you simply have to take a look through our All My Faves Easy Holiday Gift Guide. It’s packed full of great gift ideas, and links to the best places to buy them on the internet.

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Happy Holidays!

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