Seeker: Experience, Observe, and Explore

Posted on Sunday, November 6th, 2016 by

SeekerMany news sources are run by individuals with certain views of the world and decide what we should be reading. Seeker is for a new generation.

Seek What’s Out There

SeekerThe journalism world changes every day, but in many aspects it has stayed the same. News sources dictates what we read and when and how to read it¬†essentially. Seeker believes that wisdom is gained by experiencing, observing and exploring. Seeker is a digital network for a new kind of generation, filled with bright and curious minds. These individuals want to share openly, develop understanding, experiment with the new and overall, discover. Seeker is filled with information about science, the world, exploration, the news, categories that cover this new and developing digital landscape. So many of the posts cover what’s new and interesting today, but also subjects that you wouldn’t think to read, talk or learn about. Seek what’s out there and discover with Seeker.


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