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Earth Hour At 8PM on March 29, 24 cities around the world will turn off their lights. What began as one city (Sydney, Australia) taking a stand against global warming caught the attention of the world. This act has been created in order to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced. Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming. Wherever you look around – Planet Earth is slowing down so if you can’t change the world change yourself! Earth Hour.

Here at AllMyFaves we try to support each week new initiatives for good causes. We are taking this opportunity to round up a few of the causes that we featured on our Weekly Faves. This way you can take a stand and see how can you make a difference.

Stuff StuffHave you ever wondered where does our stuff come from and where does it go and will it end one day or will we always be able to produce more and more …. Stuff is a 20 minutes video that takes you through the underside of our production and consumption patterns. Stuff has been executed unexceptionable. The animation is simple, the narration is clear, the plot of the story holds you fascinated and above all it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever. It seems that except for recycling and maybe walking instead of taking the car, we as individuals don’t have an impact on the world – WRONG !!!! Watch the video and you will discover many ways you can help the environment, for example – Shop Less – Yes, you heard me, it sounds odd however it really does have an impact. Are you a facebook member – Join the Stop Global Warming cause. Please watch the vid, you won’t regret it.

Carbonrally Carbonrally – Are you passionate about reducing carbon emissions? The issue seems just too big for any single person to make a meaningful difference – MISTAKE. 672 Rallyers have reduced CO2 emissions by over 13.0 tons so far! That’s equal to turning off the electricity of 10 homes for about 1 month! Join the Carbonrally community, help reduce global warming. You can make a difference.

riverwired RiverWired – RiverWired scours the world and the web for the best writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers and filmmakers. After filtering the content it is divided into six easy-to-navigate categories. All this in order to help you live a little greener – and have a lot of fun.

life must go on Life must go onThis is a blog which is written by 2 friends. One lives in Sajaia refugee camp in Gaza and the other lives in Sderot, a small town near Gaza on the Israeli side. There is ongoing violence between Israel and Gaza which has intensified greatly since October 2000. Many have been killed and many have been injured. The media coverage on both sides has been extremely biased. The blog is written by 2 real people living and communicating on both sides of the border.

viropop VIROPOP – Well, you could think of it as a salad. It’s green, sure, but also cool, fresh, crisp and tasty. Full of surprises. Above all it is good for you. I will simplify it, VIROPOP strives to making you greener but in a fun way. Maker sure you check their ZapRoot – ZapRoot is a quick weekly zap of usable news that goes straight to the root of some of the most intriguing environmental issues. I was astonished discovering that Biofuel cars are probably worse (for the environment) than cars running on oil.

dailygreen The Daily Green – The Daily Green is a great green website for regular people. It emphasizes the importance of being Green but it isn’t dramatic and that is exactly what the people need in order to be more green. Mahatma Gandhi said “Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.” The Daily Green comes with a lot of love, showing us how to be greener by useful tips, organic food recipes and cool articles – Will Brad Pitt Become a Green Movie Star Mayor? Lets try and be a bit greener with a smile, before enforcement will be required.

ConsolesClash of the Consoles – Game consoles contain toxic chemicals and can contribute to the massive growth of electronic waste that’s often dumped, causing widespread environmental pollution and health problems. The game consoles manufacturers can help the environment by taking the following steps: 1. Clean up their products by eliminating hazardous substances. 2. Takeback and recycle their products responsibly once they become obsolete. So which console do you own? Write your console manufacturer a letter – Dear Mr Satoru Iwata (Nintendo), Dear Mr Ballmer (Microsoft), Dear Sig. Stringer (Sony). You can make a change!

Free Rice FreeRice – A great vocabulary quiz-game. Play it and realize how many you’ve forgotten since you left school. Also, for each right answer, give grains of rice to end world hunger. Great Game. Great Cause.

breast cancer The Breast Cancer Site – Just click here and then click the pink box, thats it. Your clicks will help provide free mammograms for women in need. Do you want to know more? well it has been reviewed fully on our blog. Donating has never been easier. Do the right thing. Click!

razoo RazooTheThe once wrote a song called Lonely Planet, the song lyrics talk about you, me and how we can change the world and I am quoting. “If you can’t change the world change yourself, And if you can’t change yourself …Then change the world” Razoo is all about changing the world. Go ahead. Change the world.

Do The Green Thing Do The Green Thing – Who said that being green should be a hassle, make it fun. Being green isn’t something new, numerous sites and many articles all talk about the importance of being green. So whats new? Nothing, except for the fact that “Green Thing” is a community that makes it easy and enjoyable being a bit greener but with a smile. Try it. Be Green. Be Nice.

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